Safety Matches

Safety Matches

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Color Coral Peach

Safety Matches

These bright beauties are packaged in a glass vial, topped with an eco-friendly cork lid, making it easy to put flame to wick.

And because we always have our planet in mind, you can easily reuse the vial afterwards. 

Color Options:

• Coral Peach

• Marine Sage

• Mustard Seed

• White



Vial 2.55" H x 0.8"  W

Matches 1.25" L

*20 matches per vial


Remove one match from vial, swipe match on striker paper located on bottom of vial, extinguish after use.

*single-use matches

• 100% natural soy wax

• Cotton-braided wick, lead- and zinc-free

• Paraben and phthalate-free premium fragrances, infused with essential oils


Read more about our materials on the Sustainabilty page.

Please visit the Candle Care page for safe burning instructions.